Front Wheel Drive


  1. 4cyl FWD normally aspirated engine.
  2. See roll cage requirements in safety section.
  3. 1 pound per cc with a minimum of 1800 pounds. After race.
  4. DOT tires only. No racing tires this includes DOT approved racing tires Hoosier American Racer etc.
  5. Wheels. Aftermarket ok max 7″
  6. Cars must adhere to all safety rules in appropriate section
  7. Suspension …STOCK
  8. Driveline…STOCK {may weld diff}
  9. Engine …STOCK may change intake in front of throttle body . May run header. Everything else must be the way it left the factory
  10. Car Exterior… STOCK all glass/ molding/ trim must be removed. Damaged body panels can be replaced with fabricated parts must still look like the car did originally.
  11. No performance parts on vehicle. This is meant to be an entry level/inexpensive class.

Claim rule. Car can be claimed for $1500.00 by another competitor that starts the feature. Car being claimed has the option to take the claimers car and $750.00. Safety equipment : Seat / Belts / Fire extinguisher/ Window Net Etc. does not go with car.

Refusal to release claimed vehicle will result in loss of points and monies for that night. Driver will have to start in the rear of the feature the next week.

Money {CASH ONLY} must be given to tech offical or race director within 10min of race completion. Driver is the only person who can claim a car.

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