1. Lucas body rules apply . All cars will run 8 inch max spoiler.


  1. Full tube and clip cars allowed

WEIGHT. Built engines/604 crate 2400lbs. 602 Crate no weight minimum


  1. 14″ wide maximum wheels


  1. TIRES open front. Rears AR MD56 Hoosier spec 55 , shoulder plated 1600 {must stick 52 at any time}. 602 crate engines will be allowed a 1350 left rear tire only.


  1. GasĀ or oil shocks allowed, NON ADJUSTABLE ONLY!! Maximum 6 shocks per car. $200.00 buy rule per shock. Does not include coil accessories. Refusal to sell will result in disqualification with loss of monies and points for that night. Driver will also be required to start on the tail of the next feature.


  1. TRANSMISSION Must have working forward and reverse gears



Option A. 6′ setback. 604/602 must meet be SEALED!

Option B. 6′ setback


  1. All Steel
  2. 362 ci max
  3. Steel Rods Only
  4. Flat top Pistons Only
  5. Flat tappet camshaft (Roller Cams Must add 50 LBS)
  6. OEM lifter diameter
  7. No titanium parts anywhere in engine.
  8. Oem cylinder heads may be ported/polished and angle milled
  9. Aftermarket 23 degree heads +\- 1 degree. Must be as cast from manufacturer. No porting or polishing. No raised runner heads
  10. 2.02\1.6 max valve diameter .010 tolerance
  11. No shaft mount rockers
  12. No external\dry sump oil system
  13. No aluminum oil pans
  14. Fuel pump must mount in oem position
  15. No Tri-y headers


    Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series suspension rules will be utilized.
  2. Fuel: Gasoline preferred. Alcohol is allowed but must add 25lbs.



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