White scores second straight win

The cars filled the pits and the fans filed in. That means that it was race night at Crossville Speedway.

There were 20 Late Models that signed in on this night. After qualifying it was Crossville’s #10 Chris Wilson setting fast time for the night. Another Crossville driver, #A1 Jesse Lowe, was second quick. The race started with Wilson jumping to an early lead. Lowe, and last weeks feature winner, #2x Anthony White, was within striking distance. A lot of great racing was going on the historic 1/3 mile clay oval. White and Lowe battled for second, while #35 Todd Coffman was close by. Three hard chargers, #H2 Matt Henderson, #17 Brett Wyatt, and #117 Jake Teague was making their way towards the front. Just past the halfway point White Powered into the lead, as he got by Wilson for the lead. Wilson eventually faded back through the field, finally finishing in thirteenth. Lowe stepped up and challenged White for the lead, but the Clinton, TN driver stepped up to the challenge and powered to his second win in a row at the track. Lowe was second, Henderson third, Teague was fourth, and Wyatt rounded out the top five.

In the Open Wheel Modifieds, Cookeville, TN driver #29 Joey Cotterman used his front row starting position to his advantage, as he grabbed the lead from early leader #15 Jeff Hamby just before the halfway point, and sailed to his first ever career win. Hamby was second, last weeks feature winner, #28 Jeff Cotterman was third, #11 Jeff Watson finished fourth, and #82 Wade Rooker rounded out the top five. Hamby was fast qualifier.

The Sportsman class saw #24 Phillip Thompson set fast time, to start on the pole for the feature. At the beginning of the feature, it was “Kid Quick” #171 Kyle Courtney blasting to the lead. The young Knoxville, TN driver drove an almost flawless race, as he went on the take the feature win. Thompson finished second, #z1 Zach Shannon was third, last weeks feature winner, #28 Brandon Stanfield finished fourth, and #38 Robbie Hixson rounded out the top five.

In the Super Stock class, Crossville’s #20 Trent Mullinax drove to what looked like a pretty easy feature win, as he went flag-to-flag for the win. However, Mullinax was declared illegal shortly after the race. This gave the win to Gladeville, TN driver #84 Jason Savage. Coming in second was #44 Jamie Lackey, #31B Willie Busler was third, #24 Tim Merritt fourth, and #31 Scott Brown rounded out the top five. Savage and Mullinax won the heat races.

Crossville driver, #46 Cody Rector held off a stiff challenge from last weeks feature winner, #171 Amelia McClain, to pick up the win in the FWD’s. McClain finished second, #3 Cameron Wilson was third, #27 JD Rector fourth, and #17 Justin McClain rounded out the top five.

The Dwarf class saw a great ending to the most exciting race of the night. #22 Jonathan Allen and #51 Dwayne Allen battled tooth and nail to the very end, with Cookeville, TN’s Jonathan taking the win at the checkered flag by a matter of inches. #31 Mike Brown finished third, #13 Ty Bowman was fourth, and #c4 Eddie Brown rounded out the top five.

In Jr. FWD action, it was #L94 Lukas Presley taking home the feature win head of #H95 Hunter Withers and #21 Chase Hill.

The Mod Lite class made a special appearance, as the ran a $400 to win feature. Racing was intense throughout, and in the end it was Morristown, TN driver #49 Cody Sisson picking up the big win. #20 John Pitts finished second, #89 Jeff Youngblood was third, #64 Micah Collins fourth, and #22k Shane Smith rounded out the top five.

Next Friday night will be Crossville Speedways first big event of the 2016 season. The Ray Cook Southern National Bonus Series will be at the track for a $5,000 to win SUPER Late Model race. It will be the first Super Late Model race at the track since 2009. Also the Crate Late Models will race for $2,000 to win. Also in action will be Open Wheel Modifieds, Sportsman, and Super Stock. There will also be an open practice on Thursday, May 19.

Late Model: 1. 2X Anthony White 2. A1 Jesse Lowe 3. H2 Matt Henderson 4. 117 Jake Teague 5. 17 Brett Wyatt 6. 35 Todd Coffman 7. 39 Eddie King Jr 8. 15 Michael Smith 9. 9 Heath Hindman 10. 76R Robert Edwards 11. 3D Jake Henry 12. 78 Barry Martin 13. 10 Chris Wilson 14. 28P Zane Powell 15. 19 Chris Fair 16. 27 Jacob Sparkman 17. 4X Joe Cline 18. 112 Dustin Diden DNS: J39 Jimmy Elliott DNS: 11 Lee Gray

Open Wheel Modifieds: 1. 29 Joey Cotterman 2. 15 Jeff Hamby 3. 28 Jeff Cotterman 4. 11 Jeff Watson 5. 82 Wade Rooker 6. 92 Matthew Hopper 7. 1 Stanley Fletcher 8. 47 Dax Edgecomb 9. T92 Ricky Tinch DNS: 54 Eric Blaylock

Sportsman: 1. 171 Kyle Courtney 2. 24 Phillip Thompson 3. Z1 Zack Shannon 4. 28 Brandon Stanfield 5. 38 Robbie Hixson 6. 22D DJ Shannon 7. 5X Joe Freels 8. 24D Doug Gordon 9. 14W Chris Whitted 10. 67 Christopher Peak 11. C11 Michael Courtney 12. 22 Jeremy Shannon 13. 76 Fred Flatt DNS: 19 Nick Perry DNS: 36 Billy Palmer DNS; 66 Jordan Rodabaugh

Super Stock: 1. Jason Savage 2. 44 Jamie Lackey 3. 31B Willie Busler 4. 24 Tim Merritt 5. 31 Scott Brown 6. B4 Darrin Busler 7. 6X Bruce Davenport 8. 4 James Lackey 9. 96 Josh Stoglin 10. 2 Bo Allison 11. 0 Andrew Rice 12. L92 Lucas Presley 13. 63L Chris Copeland DQ: 20 Trent Mullinax DNS: 31 Brady Lee DNS: 7 Tony Wilson

Front Wheel Drive: 1. 46 Cody Rector 2. 717 Amelia McClain 3. 3 Cameron Wilson 4. 27 JD Rector 5. 17 Justin McClain 6. 94 Justin Alderman 7. 1 Jacob Sharp DNS: 17 Trent Mullinax

Dwarfs: 1. 22 Jonathan Allen 2. 51 Dwayne Allen 3. 31 Mike Brown 4. 13 Ty Bowman 5. C4 Eddie Brown 6. 33 Jack Jenkins DNS: 01 Kevin Preston DNS: 25J Jarrett McGuire

Jr Front Wheel Drive: 1. L94 Lucas Presley 2. H95 Hunter Withers 3. 21 Chase Hill DNS: 17 Carlie Mullinax

Mod Lite: 1. 49 Cody Sisson 2. 20 John Pitts 3. 89 Jeff Youngblood 4. 64 Micah Collins 5. 22K Shane Smith 6. 12 Harvie Johnson 7. 12A Allan Vanwhy 8. 23 Logan Rittenberry 9. 4K Michael Kelly DNS: 18 Jamie Crutchfield DNS: 44 Alex Pitts DNS: 23 Jeff Teeters DNS: 3K Tony Kelley





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