McIntosh outduels Marlar for super late model win

Donald McIntosh of Dawsonville, Ga. battled Mike Marlar of Winfield, Tenn. for most of the 50-lapper to claim his first-ever Southern Nationals Bonus Series victory in front of a packed grandstand at Crossville Speedway Saturday Night. In winning Saturday’s race at Crossville, McIntosh became the 19th different winner in series history and has now won on all three family of series (Spring, Summer & Bonus) while he drove the Blount Motorsports, Massey Electric and Stowers CAT-sponsored Rocket Chassis with a Vic Hill Racing Engine under the hood of his #7 race-car. McIntosh also topped the 30-car field in qualifying.

Three caution flags slowed the 50-lap main event. Robby Moses, who was running inside the top-five, came to a stop on the front-chute with mechanical issues on lap-19 then Jason Welshan slowed in turn four to bring out the yellow flag on lap 35. The final yellow came on lap-39 as Skylar Marlar spun around in turn three after contact with John Ownbey. Marlar would have to be pushed pit-side for the rest of the race after damage on his machine.

Twenty-seven Crate Late Models signed in for the nights action, and in qualifying it was A19 John Ownby setting fast time. The 30-lap feature started with all 27 cars starting straight up from their qualifying times. Owenby jumped to an early lead, with 97 Jason Trammell and A1 Jesse Lowe right in his tires tracks. 23 Cory Hedgecock was running a strong race, and 2X Anthony White quickly found his way into the top five. Some of the cars on the move was 117 Jake Teague, 29 Jason Welshan, and H2 Matt Henderson. Trammell had problems and dropped out early, Teague also ran into troubles and went pit side. With great racing throughout, Ownby withstood all of the challenges to take the $2,000 win. Lowe finished second, White was third, Hedgecock fourth, and Welshan rounded out the top five. Finishing six through ten was 24 Greg Martin, Henderson, 9 Heath Hindman, 35 Todd Coffman, and 15 Michael Smith.

The Open Wheel Modifieds had 10 cars show up for their race on this night. 29C Joey Cotterman added his second win in as many weeks, as he held off the challenge of 15 Jeff Hamby. 28C Jeff Cotterman finished third, 82 Wade Rookard fourth, and T92 Ricky Tinch rounded out the top five. Hamby was the quick qualifier.

Brandon Stanfield took his 28 machine to victory lane for the second time at the track this year. 66 Jordan Rodabaugh made a strong run late to finish second, 50 Adam Mitchell ran in the top three all 20 laps, and finished third, 38 Robby Hixson was fourth, and 06 Wesley Lester rounded out the top five. Positions six through tenth were 5X Joe Freels, D22 DJ Shannon, J3 Joel Byrd, 9J Michael Jones, and 76 Fred Flatt.

A week after winning the feature, only to see it go away because of a disqualification, 20 Trent Mullinax took his ride to victory lane again. The time the win stood. Finishing second was 31 Jeff Proffitt, third went to T99 Taylor Overton, 7 Tony Wilson was fourth, and A93 Nathan Adams rounded out the top five.

Next Friday night (5/27), Crossville Speedway will be running a weekly racing program. Friday June 3, the track is holding a Steel Head special race with details coming soon.

Super Late Model: 1. 7 Donald McIntosh  2. 157 Mike Marlar  3. 23 Cory Hedgecock  4. 50 Shane Buckingham  5. 201 Billy Ogle Jr.  6. 18 Brandon Kinzer  7. 1G Ryan King  8. 11B Stacey Boles  9. 8 David Payne  10. JO John Owenby  11. 33 Chris Meadows  12. 5J Jesse Lowe  13. 56H Jordan Horton  14. 1C Kenny Collins  15. 11M Skylar Marlar 16. K37 Drew Kennedy  17. 10 Chris Wilson  18. 2 Jason Welshan  19. 2X  Anthony White  20. 21 Robby Moses  21. 5 David Crabtree  22. 4 Mark Vineyard  DNS: 3 Steve Smith  DNS:10T Tony Morris  DNS:37 Jason Markowitz  DNS:00 Rueben Mayfield  DNS:D2 David Duplissey  DNS:11 Tommy Bailey  DNS: 45 Doug Smith  DNS:97 Bobby Giffin
Crate Late Model: 1. A19 John Ownbey  2. A1 Jesse Lowe  3. 2X Anthony White 4. 23 Cory Hedgecock  5. 29 Jason Welshan  6. 24 Greg Martin  7. H2 Matt Henderson  8. 9 Heath Hindman 9. 35 Todd Coffman  10. 15 Michael Smith  11. 66 Deke Waters  12. 32 Greg Huskey  13. 7 Jason Deal  14. 17 Brett Wyatt  15. A2 Anthony Rymer  16. 979 Jeremy Holtzclaw  17. 19 Chris Fair  18. 127 Robert Ardry  19.  27 Jacob Sparkman  20. K37 Drew Kennedy  21. 3H Ethan Hunter  22. 117 Jake Teague  23. 97 Jason Trammell  24. 8 Grant Pearl  25. 36 Evan Taylor  26. 75E Elliot Despain  27. 27 Joe Denby
Open Wheel Modifieds:  1. 29C Joey Cotterman  2. 25 Jeff Hamby  3. 28C Jeff Cotterman  4. 82 Wade Rookard  5. T92 Ricky Tinch  6. 92 Matthew Hooper  7. 1 Mike Marlar  8. 47 Dax Edgecomb  9. 155 Peyton Harlow  10.  29C Cecil West
Sportsman:  1. 28 Brandon Stanfield  2. 66 Jordan Rodabaugh  3. 50 Adam Mitchell  4. 38 Robby Hixson 5. 06 Wesley Lester  6. 5X Joe Freels  7. O22 DJ Shannon  8. J3 Joel Byrd  9. 9J Michael Jones  10. 76 Fred Flatt  11. 12 Dustin Stephens  12. 426 Zack Dunsmore  13. 773 Ray Jarnigan  14. Y3 Jimmy York  15. 16 Josh Walker  16. Z1 Zack Shannon  17. 96 Brandon Williams  18. 22 Jeremy Shannon  19. 17 Logan Adcock
Super Stock:  1. 20 Trent Mullinax  2. 31 Jeff Proffitt  3. T99 Taylor Overton  4. 7 Tony Wilson  5. A93 Nathan Adams  6. 51 Pete Wright  7.  0 Andrew Rice

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