White gets win #3

It was Friday night on the Cumberland Plateau again, and that meant race night at Crossville Speedway. With 6 great classes in action, the air was thick with racing excitement.

There were 16 Late Models that signed in to race, and when qualifying was over it was 2x Anthony White setting fast time with a lap of 12.88 around the historic 1/3 mile clay oval. At the start of the 25 lap feature, White jumped into the lead with 32 Greg Huskey and B00 Josh Henry running second and third. Deke Waters started making his way to the front in his 66 machine. After a few laps White held a good lead on Husky and Waters. White continued to expand his lead. 29 Rusty Ballenger was making process as he grabbed third on lap 12. 1 Andy Pickelsimer found his way into the top five. Ballenger took second on lap 17. White found himself with a huge lead, and it was a lead that he would not relinquish as he cruised to his third win of the year at the track. Ballenger finished second, Pickelsimer was third, Huskey fourth, and Henry rounded out the top five.

The Open Wheel Modifieds saw 90 Don Adams and 50 Amos Bunch win the heat races. Adams led a good part of the 20 lap feature, until fifth starting 15 Jeff Hamby took over the lead from him on lap 15. Second went to T92 Ricky Tinch, third was 36 Billy Palmer, 92 Matthew Hopper finished fourth, and 1 Joey Whittenburg rounded out the top five.

Wartburg driver z1 Zack Shannon set fast time in qualifying for the sportsman class, as he timed in at 13.48. In the early stages of the 20 lap feature, Shannon battled it out with D22 DJ Shannon. DJ lead a few laps while Zack was in his tire tracks. A few laps later Zack would get by DJ for the lead. Zack would lead the remaining laps to pick up his first win of the year. 426 Zack Dunsmore finished second, Jimmy York finished third after starting last, 76 Jeff Walker was fourth, and 5x Joe Freels rounded out the top five.

In Super Stock action, it was 84 Jason Savage winning the heat race to put himself on the pole for the feature. In the feature Savage led the entire 15 lap feature, as a hard charging 7up Kurt Owens came up short and 7 Tony Wilson was third.

The FWD class saw 46 Cody Rector win the heat race. In the feature Rector led teammate 717 Amelia McClain for 15 lap to finish first and second. A93 Nathan Adams finished third, 1 Jacob Sharp was third, and 17 Carlie Mullinax rounded out the top five.

The Dwarf class saw 2 heat races, as 22 Jonathan Allen and 21 Matthew Bohannon took the wins. In the feature 51 Dwayne Allen found his way to victory lane, ahead of 31 Mike Brown, Jonathan Allen, 88 Jeremy Bohannon, and 25J Jarrett McGuire.

Late Model: 1. 2x Anthony White  2. 29 Rusty Ballenger  3. 1 Andy Picklesimer  4. 32 Greg Huskey  5. B00 Josh Henry  6. 66 Deke Waters  7. 15 Michael Smith  8. 17 Brett Wyatt  9. 76R Robert Edwards  10. 89 Brandon Miller  11. 6 Danny Hatcher  12. 979 Jeremy Holtzclaw  13. 3D Jake Henry  14. 27 Jacob Sparkman  15. 4x Joe Cline  16. 112 Dustin Diden

Open Wheel Modifieds:  1. 15 Jeff Hamby  2. T92 Ricky Tinch  3. 36 Billy Palmer  4. 92 Matthew Hopper  5. 1 Joey Whittenburg  6. 1 Randy Hatcher  7. 11 Jeff Walton  8. 50 Amos Bunch  9. 90 Don Adams  10. 28c Jeff Cotterman  11. J3 Jody Puckett  DNS: 54 Eric Blaylock

Sportsman:  1. z1 Zack Shannon  2. 426 Zack Dunsmore  3. 16 Jimmy York  4. 76 Jeff Walker  5. 5x Joe Freels  6. 00 Ted Lowe  7. 20 Trent Mullinax  8. D22 DJ Shannon  9. 17 Logan Adcock

Super Stock:  1. 84 Jason Savage  2. 7up Kurt Owens  3. 7 Tony Wilson
Unable To Provide The Rest of the Results

Front Wheel Drive:  1. 46 Cody Rector  2. 717 Amelia McClain  3. A93 Nathan Adams  4. 1 Jacob Sharp  5. 17 Carlie Mullinax  6. H95 Hunter Withers  DNS: 27 JD Rector

Dwarfs:  1. 51 Dwayne Allen  2. 31 Mike Brown  3. 22 Jonathan Allen  4. 88 Jeremy Bohannon  5. 25J Jarrett McGuire  6. A12 Harvey Johnson  7. 4 Austin Burton  8. 69 Jason Hill  9. 17 Sam Baisley  DNS: 21 Matthew Bohannon  DNS: 52 Eddie Brown








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