Martin collects Steel Head Special win

Crossville Speedway was in action once again Friday night, as a special Steel Head Late Model race was featured along with the rest of the weekly classes.

In qualifying, Baxter, TN veteran racer 90 Mark Martin, set fast time with a lap of 12.556. Martin, “The Baxter Bullet”, was racing in his first race in well over a year, but you couldn’t tell it as he flawlessly ran the 25 lap feature with ease. In victory lane, Martin thanked the new owners of the track for purchasing the historic 1/3 mile clay oval, and making it such a great place to race. 23 Layne Clifton finished second, 50 Floyd Turner was third, 10 Chris Wilson fourth, and 15 Michael Smith rounded out the top five.

The Open Wheel Modifieds saw a heck of a race, as T92 Ricky Tinch outlasted 29C Joey Cotterman for the win, as the duo ran side by side until Tinch took the lead with 6 laps remaining. 50 Amos Bunch finished third, 28C Jeff Cotterman was fourth, and 1 Joey Whittenburg rounded out the top five. Joey Cotterman set fast time in qualifying with a lap of 13.678 to start the evening.

In Sportsman, Z1 Zack Shannon and 28 Brandon Stanfield won the heat races to start on the front row for the feature. 06 Wesley Lester and 44 Beau Bice made is competitive, but it was a showdown between Shannon and Stanfield, which was won by Shannon, making it 2 feature wins in a row for the points leader. Bice was third, 38 Robby Hixson fourth, and 5X Joe Freels rounded out the top five.

The Super Stock class saw a good race between 51 Pete Wright and 31 Jeff Proffitt, which Wright seemingly won when he took the checkers. However, Wright was disqualified and Stanfield was declared the winner. 44 Jamie Lackey finished second, T99 Taylor Overton was third, 13 Sarah Powell fourth, and L92 Lucas Presley rounded out the top five. Wright and Proffitt won the heat races.

The 15 lap FWD feature was one of the most exciting races of the night, as you could have thrown a blanket over the top 6 cars for most of the feature. In the end it was 1 Jacob Sharp picking up his first win of the year. 717 Amelia McClain was second, J27 JD Rector third, 46 Cody Rector finished fourth, 17 Carlie Mullinax rounded out the top five. JD Rector won the heat race.

Jonathan Allen took his 51 ride to victory lane in the Dwarf class. His second win of the year at the track. 21 Matthew Bohannon finished second, 31 Mike Brown was third, C4 Eddie Brown fourth, and 88 Jeffery Bohannon rounded out the top five. Matthew Bohannon and Allen won the heat races.

Next Friday night, Crossville Speedway will have a weekly points racing program with all of your favorite stars and cars of the most improved track in Tennessee.

Steel Head Late Model: 1. 90 Mark Martin 2. 23 Layne Clifton 3. 50 Floyd Turner 4. 10 Chris Wilson 5. 15 Michael Smith 6. H31 Robby Mason 7. 17 Andy Miller 8. 00 Reuben Mayfield 9. 50 Chad Spradlin 10. 12 Dustin Stephens 11. T22 Mike Tinker 12. 99 Todd Miller 13. K37 Drew Kennedy

Open Wheel Modifieds: 1. T92 Ricky Tinch 2. 29C Joey Cotterman 3. 50 Amos Bunch 4. 28C Jeff Cotterman 5. 1 Joey Whittenburg 6. 54 Eric Blaylock 7. 15 Jeff Hamby 8. 11 Jeff Watson

Sportsman: 1. Z1 Zack Shannon 2. 28 Brandon Stanfield 3. 44 Beau Bice 4. 38 Robby Hixson 5. 5X Joe Freels 6. 06 Wesley Lester 7. D22 DJ Shannon 8. 66 Jordan Rodabaugh 9. 9J Michael Jones 10. 979 Jeremy Holtzclaw 11. 20 Trent Mullinax

Super Stock: 1. 31 Jeff Proffitt 2. 44 Jamie Lackey 3. T99 Taylor Overton 4. 13 Sarah Powell 5. L92 Lucas Presley 6. 71 Clarissa Stewart 7. 4 Pat Lackey 8. 16 Demi Ware 9. 5 Adam Tice 10. 7 Tony Wilson 11. 0 Andrew Rice 12. 7 Jordan Gregory DQ: 51 Pete Wright DNS: 15 Ronnie Hargis

Front Wheel Drive: 1. 1 Jacob Sharp 2. 717 Amelia McClain 3. J27 JD Rector 4. 46 Cody Rector 5. 17 Carlie Mullinax 6. N90 Nick Adams 7. 3 Matthew Sullivan 8. 21 David Gilliland DNS: H95 Hunter Withers

Dwarfs: 1. 51 Jonathan Allen 2. 21 Matthew Bohannon 3. 31 Mike Brown 4. C4 Eddie Brown 5. 88 Jeffery Bohannon 6. 65 Anthony Coffman 7. 2 Steve Morris 8. 12A Harvey Johnson 9. 33 Matthew Crabtree DNS: 28 Wesley Jones DNS: 4 Austin Burton





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