Hickman outduels Williams for win

The Late Model class saw Ootlewah’s R1 Riley Hickman set fast time with a lap of 13.086.

The 25 lap feature began with Hickman jumping into the lead. 95 Brandon Williams took second and B00 Josh Henry thitd. 2X Anthony White, who started 9th, quickly made his way to the front. He quickly made his way into the second position. Hickman extended his lead, however Hickman came upon slower traffic, allowing cars to make up ground on him. Williams got back by White for second. Williams made up a lot of ground in the closing laps but was unable to get close enough to Hickman to try to make a move. White finished third, Henry finished fourth, and 24C Barry Goodman rounded out the top five.

In Sportsman, Wartburg’s Z1 Zack Shannon set fast time with a lap of 13.744. The 20 lap feature had it’s share of close, action packed, and controversial racing. Shannon, 171 Kyle Courtney, and 66 Jordan Rodabaugh battled hard for the lead in the early stages. Late in the race Shannon and Courtney played bumper tag for the lead, which left them both disqualified after the race. Rodabaugh was declared the winner after discussion from the race officials. 20 Trent Mullinax finished second, 4X Joe Cline was third, 426 Zack Dunsmore fourth, and 773 Ray Jarnigan rounded out the top five.

The Open Wheel Modified class saw 29C Joey Cotterman and 11 Jeff Watson win the heat races to start on the pole in the 20 lap feature. A good battle ensued between the duo in the feature. Watson pulled away and won his first feature win of the year at the track. T92 Ricky Tinch came in a strong second, 36 Billy Palmer was third, 11 Kenny Cordell fourth, and 28C Jeff Cotterman rounded out the top five.

84 Jason Savage and 44 Jamie Lackey won the heat races in the Super Stock class.Savage drove away from the competition in the 15 lap feature to pick up his second win of the season. Lackey finished second, 7 Tony Wilson was third, 13P Sarah Patrick fourth, and 0 Andrew Rice rounded out the top five.

The Mini Stocks made a special appearance and had a good car count with 15 signing in to race. 5 Derik Duggan took the lead at the start of the 15 lap feature. 18 Dan Gladden and 25S David Singleton was racing hard behind the leader. Misfortune struck Duggan however, as he took a sharp left turn into the infield pits. C11 Michael Courtney raced hard to the lead after Duggan went pitside. Courtney would lead the remaining laps for the win. Gladden finished second, Singleton was third, 25 Dylan Duggan wound up fourth, and 72 Walter Walsh rounded out the top five.

The FWD class saw good racing, as last weeks feature winner, 1 Jacob Sharp won the heat race. The 15 lap feature was as competitive as any race of the year at the track. 27 JD Rector took a well deserved, hard fought victory. 46 Cody Rector finished second, 1 Jacob Sharp was third, 717 Amelia McClain fourth, and A93 Nathan Adams rounded out the top five.

The Dwarf class ran 2 heat races, and in the first one 4 Dwayne Allen took the win, and in heat 2 it was C4 Eddie Brown taking the win. In the feature 31 Mike Brown got the monkey off his back as he took the popular win.13 Alan Hiefner finished second, 77 Ty Bowman was third, 65 Anthony Coffman fourth, and 23 Logan Rittenberry rounded out the top five.

Next week Crossville Speedway will hold a regular points racing program. Featuring the Late Models, Open Wheel Modifieds, Sportsman, Super Stock, FWD, and Dwarfs.

Late Model: 1. R1 Riley Hickman 2. 95 Brandon Williams 3. 2X Anthony White 4. B00 Josh Henry 5. 24C Barry Goodman 6. 76R Robert Edwards 7. 50 Floyd Turner 8. 3D Jake Henry 9. 17 Chris Harris 10. 11 Lee Gray 11. 112 Dustin Diden 12. 78 Barry Martin 13. 23 Jesse Lowe 14. 1A Levi Ashby DNS: 90 Mark Martin

Open Wheel Modifieds: 1. 11 Jeff Watson 2. T92 Ricky Tinch 3. 36 Billy Palmer 4. 11 Kenny Cordell 5. 28C Jeff Cotterman 6. 47 Dax Edgecomb 7. 29C Joey Cotterman 8. 50 Amos Bunch 9. 1 Randy Hatcher 10. 54 Eric Blaylock 11. 17 Josh Brock

Sportsman: 1. 66 Jordan Rodabaugh 2. 20 Trent Mullinax 3. 4X Joe Cline 4. 426 Zack Dunsmore 5. 773 Ray Jarnigan 6. 76 Jeff Walker 7. D22 DJ Shannon 8. 114 Joe Crabtree 9. 24D Doug Gordon 10. 5X Joe Freels 11. 14W Chris Whitted 12. 76 (No Name) 13. 10 Evan Wrinkle Jr 14. Z1 Zack Shannon 15. 171 Kyle Courtney

Super Stock: 1. 84 Jason Savage 2. 44 Jamie Lackey 3. 7 Tony Wilson 4. 13P Sarah Patrick 5. 0 Andrew Rice 6. 77G Jordan Gregory 7. 15 Shane Foster 8. J37 Jack Conley 9. T99 Taylor Overton DNS: 31 Scott Brown DNS: 27T Justin Turner DNS: 4 Pat Lackey

Mini Stock: 1. C11 Michael Courtney 2. 18 Brad Gladden 3. 25S David Singleton 4. 25 Dylan Duggan 5. 72 Walter Walsh 6. 2 Bryant Idles 7. 13 Max Stout 8. L7 Chaz Lawson 9. 25X Andrew Wampler 10. 12 Kenneth Mathias 11. 2 Rick Davis 12. 16 Jacob Murrell 13. 5 Derik Duggan 14. 23 Sean Dowker DNS: B3 Josh Cook

Front Wheel Drive: 1. 27 JD Rector 2. 46 Cody Rector 3. 1 Jacob Sharp 4. 717 Amelia McClain 5. A93 Nathan Adams 6. 3 Matthew Sullivan 7. 17 Carlie Mullinax 8. C7 Chris Lewis DNS: H95 Hunter Withers

Dwarfs: 1. 31 Mike Brown 2. 13 Alan Hiefner 3. 77 Ty Bowman 4. 65 Anthony Coffman 5. 23 Logan Rittenberry 6. 5 Devin Horton 7. 4 Austin Burton 8. 51 Jonathan Allen 9. C4 Eddie Brown 10. 2 Steve Morris DNS: 4 Dwayne Allen




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