Hoffman takes late model win

There were 15 Late Models that signed in to race on this night. In qualifying it was Kentucky driver 35 Todd Coffman setting fast time with a lap of 13.201. Coffman went on to lead every lap of the 25-lap feature for his first win of the year at the track. 2X Anthony White got to second early in the race but couldn’t get close enough to Coffman to attempt a pass. Andy Pickelsimer started seventh but finished third in his 1 ride. Fourth went to 50 Floyd Turner and 101 Forrest Trent rounded out the top five.

The Open Wheels qualified on this night and it was 68 Jimmy Payne setting fast time with a lap of 13.67. Payne jumped to the early lead, only to see it slip away when he spun out on lap 2. This turned the lead over to 29 Joey Cotterman. Payne made his way back through the field and on lap 16 he got back by Cotterman for the lead. Payne pulled away the remaining four laps to pick up his first win of the year at the track.11 Jeff Watson finished second, 28C Jeff Cotterman was third, 11 Kenny Cordell fourth, and 17 Josh Brock rounded out the top five.

In Sportsman action it was last weeks feature winner 66 Jordan Rodabaugh and 4X Joe Cline winning the heat races. Alot of action took place once again in this class, as 28 Brandon Stanfield and 171 Kyle Courtney startd at the tail of the field at the start, but made their way to the front. At the end Cline would cross the stripe first, but after the race he refused to tear down his motor and was disqualified. Stanfield finished second, passed post race inspection, and was the official winner. Courtney finished second, 76 Jeff Walker was third, 24G Doug Gordon came in fourth, and 8 Jimbo Breland rounded out the top five.

The Super Stock class saw 31 Jeff Proffitt and 84 Jason Savage win the heat races at the beginning of the night. The feature turned into a race of attrition, as a several drivers dropped out. At the end it was 51 Pete Wright winning the feature. 7 Tony Wilson finished second, 44 Jamie Lackey was third, 84 Jason Savage fourth, and 31 Jeff Proffitt rounded out the top five.

The Mini Stock feature was a very competitive one, as 10 Tony Coffman made a late race pass and held off 15 Derik Duggan at the checkers by a few inches for the win. W82 Woody Shelby finished third, 5 Donnie Turpin was fourth, and 2 Marcus Thompson rounded out the top five.

In the FWD class, 717 Amelia McClain and 1 Jacob Sharp won the heat race to put themselves on the front row for the feature. In the feature McClain grabbed her second win of the year. 46 Cody Rector came in second, 16R Robert Stone was third, 27 JD Rector fourth, and A93 Nathan Adams rounded out the top five.

The Dwarf class saw C4 Eddie Brown take win, 51 Jonathan Allen was second, 21 Tommy Bohannon finished, 01 Matthew Bohannon fourth, and 4 Dwayne Allen rounded out the top five. Brown and Dwayne Allen won the heats.

Next week at Crossville Speedway, it will be a weekly racing points program, with all the stars and cars of the track. On Friday night July 1st, the United Crate Racing Association will be at the track for a big Crate race.

Late Model: 1. 35 Todd Coffman 2. 2X Anthony White 3. 1 Andy Pickelsimer 4. 50 Floyd Turner 5. 101 Forrest Trent 6. 90 Mark Martin 7. 17 Brett Wyatt 8. 29 Rusty Ballenger 9. 9 Heath Hindman 10. 15 Michael Smith 11. 24C Barry Goodman 12. 30 Brian Waters 13. 86 Adam Ward 14. 28P Zane Powell DNS: 24 Greg Martin

Open Wheel Modified: 1. 68 Jimmy Payne 2. 11 Jeff Watson 3. 28C Jeff Cotterman 4. 11 Kenny Cordell 5. 17 Josh Brock 6. 47 Dax Edgecomb 7. T92 Ricky Tinch 8. 29C Joey Cotterman 9. 1 Joey Whittenburg DNS: 1 Randy Hacker

Sportsman: 1. 28 Brandon Stanfield (Legal) 2. 171 Kyle Courtney 3. 76 Jeff Walker 4. 24G Doug Gordon 5. 8 Jimbo Breland 6. 10 Evan Wrinkle Jr 7. 20 Trent Mullinax 8. 4 Nick Bowling 9. D22 DJ Shannon 10. 66 Jordan Rodabaugh DQ: 4X Joe Cline (Refused To Teardown) DNS: Z1 Zack Shannon DNS: 48 Trent Turner DNS: 30 Jonathan Sims DNS: J3 Joel Byrd DNS: 148 Booger Brooks

Street Stock: 1. 51 Pete Wright 2. 7 Tony Wilson 3. 44 Jamie Lackey 4. 84 Jason Savage 5. 31 Jeff Proffitt 6. J37 Jack Conley DNS: 4 Pat Lackey DNS: 13P Sarah Patrick

Mini Stock: 1. 10 Tony Coffman 2. 15 Derik Duggan 3. W82 Woody Shelby 4. 5 Donnie Turpin 5. 2 Marcus Thompson 6. 25S David Singleton DNS: 12 Dustin Stephens

Front Wheel Drive: 1. 717 Amelia McClain 2. 46 Cody Rector 3. 16R Robert Stone 4. 27 JD Rector 5. A93 Nathan Adams 6. 3 Matthew Sullivan 7. 1 Michael Conley 8. 1 Jacob Sharp DNS: Carlie Mullinax DNS: 21 Chase Hill

Dwarf: 1. C4 Eddie Brown 2. 51 Jonathan Allen 3. 21 Tommy Bohannon 4. 01 Matthew Bohannon 5. 4 Dwayne Allen 6. 31 Mike Brown 7. 65 Anthony Coffman 8. A12 Harvie Johnson 9. 4A Austin Burton 10. Jeffery Bohannon DNS: 2 Nathan West

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