Crossville Speedway joins track alliance, supports Anthony White suspension

Crossville Speedway has decided to join the track alliance formed by other tracks in the area to enforce penalties and suspensions due to fighting and misconduct that take place at any participating tracks. By joining the alliance, Crossville Speedway is also enforcing the suspension handed out by Volunteer Speedway to driver Anthony White for his actions during a race on Monday. The following is a joint statement by the participating tracks:

After a lot of research and talking with several people involved we’ve made the decision to suspend #2x Anthony White for two weeks for his involvement in the altercation during the Crate Late Model incident on the back straightaway this past Monday night. Although no blows were landed Mr. White was the aggressor first by leaving his car on the track and going to the other drivers car, but the main reason for the suspension is he used a steering wheel as a weapon while throwing it at the other driver (No different than throwing a punch). The first video couldn’t confirm his actions but after viewing a second video from a uninvolved source there was no choice but to suspend Mr. White for his involvement. #23 Cory Hedgecock will receive no penalty because he never left his car nor his crew never became involved in the situation. With our rules being in alliance with Tazewell Speedway, 411 Motor Speedway, Wartburg Speedway,  Boyd’s Speedway, I-75 Raceway, Crossville Speedway, and Volunteer Speedway. Mr. White will not be able to race at any of these facilities no earlier than June 11. No further statement will be made on this subject as this decision is final. Racing is a very emotional sport and that’s understood but when incidents like these happen it’s funny to some until a innocent bystander or a child gets hurt and then it’s why wasn’t anything done. All opinions need to be keep on your own personal page and not this one. As it will not be tolerated.

Crossville Speedway

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